Pips’ Dishes at the Marquis

15 Sep

This is a short post to pimp a project I am involved in. For the next three weeks I am helping to cook and run a pop up in a pub in Canonbury with Philip Dundas of www.pipsdish.co.uk .

I donned my chef’s whites for the first time yesterday and I have to say it felt good. We cooked for 25 people which is tiny by restaurant standards but almost double the number I’ve ever cooked for before. Everything went fairly smoothly thanks in part to the new chef who will be taking over when we ship out. Formerly of Graze in Brighton, I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in a more relaxed setting. You should expect a review soon.

The food we did was simple but well executed (even if I do say so myself). Starting with fish cakes and tartare it was exhilarating to be cooking to such tight deadlines and even more so seeing the food actually go out.

We followed with two full loins of roast venison marinated in Chorizo and lemon. This dish was the subject of much discussion as my fellow chef Pip had thought it a fairly original flavour combination before discovering that many on the internet had already done it before us. Carving the meat and plating it in the dining room was slightly nerve wracking but I was surprised to see myself plating stuff without any massive disasters occurring.

The  ice cream we had intended for dessert had to be served as a sauce with some meringue due to a failure with our robot coupe (I have a robot coupe!) Some quick thinking saved us and it all turned out well.

The menu itself changes each night, with a hake with romesco for our main and roasted peaches and cream for pudding this evening. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be debuting my new and improved onion soup as well as trying my hand at making a terrine. Coming up we also have a nice belly of pork from Peter Gott of Sillfield, one of my favourite farmers.

I’ll also be blogging my experiences from the kitchen so keep checking for a insight into how running a pop up works with hopefully not too many disasters among the way.

Bit of a shameless plug:

You can book through http://www.pipsdish.co.uk. Three courses, £25. Weds-sat till October the 2nd. Get involved


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