New Years Blog Resolutions

13 Jan

A new year is always an oppurtunity for people to make a fresh start, to try things that they haven’t had before and do new things, whether this be trying to lose weight or inventing new ways to drinks gin and tonics at alarming speed (if anybody wants to know the secret to my infamous Gin Bomb, drop me an email).

Having left this blog dormant whilst I went through the minor inconvenience of trying to find both a job and a flat in London, with both these goals achieved, it seems high time I started filling the internet up with some hard hitting insights. Or posts on food, which ever comes first.

So here in no particular order are my resolutions.

1. Destroy my kitchen nemesis.

The trouble with blogging and surfing food sites is you are always looking for something new, something shiny and covered in pork fat. The next big thing. Yet as any chef tells you, the way you get better at dishes is by practicing them. Refining them. So I decided that I would pick one dish, and just refine it and get it on. I chose French Onion soup because onions are cheap and its a dish that is simple to do, but harder to get right. its very technique orientated. I also have loads of Grana Padano kicking about and the rind makes a wicked Unami bomb when you simmer in the soup.

2. Momofuku my cooking.

Whilst less well known over here, David Chang is a dude. I was massively inspired by his lecture on creative ceilings found (here. What I refreshing was his revelation that chefs fuck up all the time. People make mistakes. It’s often easy to forget this, and to a certain extent why would Chefs shout about it? But it inspired me to get more involved in my cooking, as well as being more rigorous which can only be a good thing. It made my mistakes “progress” rather than mistakes. Steps on a road to being a culinary ninja.

Within his book, which has just been released in the U.k, there is a bit of blurb about his journey and how he ended up where he was 2 years ago when the book was published in America. The bit that stuck out for me was his approach, which was “American”. A sort of fusion between the traditional, but running with this and twisting it and adapting it. It inspired me to be a little less anal about authenticity, which is I think something that can often happen when you get caught up in a sub culture. You want to know whats “really” cool, or how its done by people in the know. Chang’s whole approach is focused around one question. “Is it delicious?”. Which is heartening, as well as inspiring. So from now own, its my guiding principle.

3. Blog more.

Speaks for itself really. Also its an excuse to go out and try some wicked food in the name of “research”.


3 Responses to “New Years Blog Resolutions”

  1. Paula Basson January 13, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    Hi Ed

    I would absolutely love to have your recipe of Onion Soup – its my favourite and I never can get it right!

    Also, I have just started a diet and need good recipes of chunky soups.

    I am a friend of your Mum’s – going to sample her cooking skills on Saturday night!


    • Ed Crowley January 18, 2011 at 12:12 pm #

      I’ll take some photos this weekend and post it up next week, think its getting better.

  2. Internal Optimist January 15, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    Agreed with Paula – if you posted your perfected recipe we could all benefit!

    Keep blogging, and keeping us informed – we can see if you follow through with that resolution! 😛

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