The Pope

2 Nov

This is not a post about the current pope, although that might happen. This is a post about a statue of Neptune in Bologna. The intended message of the statue is simple and as humble as you might expect of a hig powered Catholic in the 16th century. Commissioned by the Cardinal Legate of the city, Charles Borromeo, to symbolize the election of his uncle as Pope Pius IV, its message is thus. Just as Neptune rules the sea, so the Pope rules the land.

Neptune strikes a pose.

It also has some rather buxom ladies with water spurting out of their chests in a very solemn and religous manner, which represent the 4 major rivers of the world.

This picture is in all honesty the main reason for this post.


One Response to “The Pope”

  1. Brian November 2, 2010 at 11:05 am #

    How’s the spag bol? You might know that Bologna has at least to nicknames; Bologna The Red because of the predominant colour of the buildings and its politics, and Bologna The Fat, cos the food is/was reputed to be the best overall standard in Italy

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