18 Oct


Burek, whose name originates from the Turkish word for twist, is a baked filo pastry snack, usually filled with meat or cheese. It sits alongside pizza as the fast food of choice in Slovenia. Indeed such is its ubiquity that the tourist map for Ljubljana is dotted with little symbols showings the location of all the stands in the City. Thus ensuring you are always quickly able to locate and obtain your fix.

Feeling peckish, I set out on the hunt for “Nobel Burek”, tipped as one of the better stands in the city. My quest was made more urgent by the fact that my previous search for “Hot Horse” (Ljubljana´s premier horse burger emporium) had been unsuccessful, leaving me fairly hungry.

A bite of Burek however, soon lifted my spirits. My companion on this quest had been Hannah, 24, from Canberra. In the last legs of a 3 month trip round Europe, she had become embroiled in my horse based endeavor. She and I were both immediate fans of the Burek, which was dense and glistening. We were in fact such fans we went straight round the corner to another feted stand and got another one.

This time I went for cheese instead of meat, tearing small chunks of pastry and soft slightly melted cheese off the burek and throwing them into my mouth. The cheese was well matched by the flakiness of the pastry, the whole thing soft and comforting.

It was the perfect food for the end of a long search providing some respite from the collapse of my equine dream.


One Response to “Burek”

  1. Hannah October 19, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    i’m called Hannah! WTF! How can this happen? Ask her what’s happening. I’ll be fucking pissed if we’ve started having bacterial reproduction without my knowledge. Tell her I want in on the orgy. And how is she older than me? IMPOSSIBLAY.

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