Two differing views of British cooking.

15 Oct

Just a quick story that neatly illustrates the differing perspectives on British food.

Whilst speaking to Andrej, he mentioned that he teased his mother for watching Jamie Oliver on the television. He said that he was alway saying “He is British, what can you learn from him, other than to boil everything”. He said that the fact that Slovenians were learning how to cook from the Brits was a sign that our cookery has gained more respect in Europe.

Yet when we met a friend of his for tea, and I mentioned that it was funny that you never get “English” restaurants, in the way you get “Italian” or “Chinese” restaurants his friend was dismissive. “Pah, but what is English cooking” he scoffed, waving his hand dismissively. It seems we still have some way to go to repair our reputation.


One Response to “Two differing views of British cooking.”

  1. Rachel October 16, 2010 at 11:37 am #

    Though it’s interesting that Jamie Oliver made his way into celebrity chef status largely by cooking Italian food. I wonder if his modern British recipes get much appreciation in Slovenia now.

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