Real Slovenian Food, Finally

14 Oct

At the recommendation of Pietro, another couchsurfer, I sat down at the Gostilina Ribic in Ptuj. Seated at a table for four, surrounded by families, the atmosphere of my first solo dining experience was an somewhat odd one. In an attempt to relax, I ordered some traditional mushroom and buckwheat soup, and a glass of white wine.

an amuse bouche of delicately fried sardine and garlic

The thing that most excited me about this soup was the receptacle it came in. A hollowed out bread roll, which I seen carried wheeled to other tables on a rickety trolley. I was therefore massively disappointed when a tureen arrived from the trolley. Hoping there must have been some mistake, I informed the waitress that I had ordered the “bread one”. “We have no more bread” she apologised, before hurrying off. The blow was immediately softened by my first taste of soup. Dotted with tiny orbs of sour cream, it was hearty and rich.The small glass of wine, inexpensive at 90cents, was excellent, being smooth and slightly dry. Cheap white wine is so often easily mistaken for vinegar, but this was light and refreshing.

My first experience of proper Slovenian food has put me in the mood for more, as well as surprising me some what.Hopefully it all lives up to this standard. My only regret was that I didn’t write down the name of the wine.

(As an aside the bread was so good I filled my pockets with it before leaving.)


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